Wedding at Orton Hall with beautiful bride Emma and happy groom Nick.

MuEmma and Nick got married at Orton Hall in Peterborough this summer 2015. This beautiful wedding venue served the all-inclusive purpose, starting from the ceremony throughout the wedding breakfast and the evening entertainment.

The spirit on this wedding day was very special, full of romance and love. Outfits and décor was made in vintage style, as was the “wedding cake” that was made of different cheese layers.

It was an ample opportunity to take beautiful wedding photographs at this stunning venue – Orton Hall Hotel.  As you can see, the wedding coverage has a nice blend of semi-formal and reportage style photographs full of emotions and LoVe.

Photographer in Peterborough

This image was taken when the bride was getting ready. She’s just finished with her hair and was ready to start her make-up do. Emma was a little nervous before the ceremony and I think the glass of bubbly helped her to relax a little bit.

weddings in Peterborough

I think it’s always good to see how the groom preparing himself for the ceremony. I must admit Nick was very organised but he was as nervous as Emma.

wedding photography Peterborough

Brides help Emma to complete her look. The last touch and the bride is ready for the big day.

Orton Hall Wedding photographer

A group of younger bridesmaids patiently awaiting for the bride.

weddings in Peterborough

Here comes the bride! This is a very traditional wedding photograph…the farther walks his daughter down the aisle.

Peterborough photographers

Ceremony….the time to exchange the vows…This image outlines the beauty of the interior at the Orton Hall Hotel. The Ceremony room is very bright with big windows.

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Beautiful roses’ decor on the chairs

Reportage Wedding photographer Peterborough

The bride and groom signing the registrar

Reportage photography in Peterborough

Emma and Nick have become husband and wife and they happily leaving the ceremony room. It’s the time to meet and greet all the guests.

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Snacks and refreshments are ready to be served

Wedding at Orton Hall Peterborough

The confetti shot on the red carpet! Sounds wonderful and looks amazing

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

I personally think it’s always nice to produce a blend of formal and fun group photographs.

Wedding photographerPeterborough

The groom with the best men and ushers.

Wedding photography Peterborough

Little bridesmaids’ “flowers”

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Whilst the bride and groom had their wedding breakfast, I came outside and managed to capture the bride when she least expected it. It was a lovely warm day and it was in my benefit that the window from Emma’s side was wide open 😉

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

A lovely shot of the bride swirling and twirling around the groom

wedding photography Peterborough

The bride and groom leaving the guests for a “Romantic Walk” session with me, the time for them two….

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

The groom is giving the speech

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

An intimate hug of the loved ones

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Wedding “Cheese” cake

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Nick attempts to cut the cake

Orton Hall wedding Peterborough

On the dance floor

Orton Hall wedding Peterborough

A lovely band to finish off the day 😉

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