Wedding at Orton Hall with beautiful bride Emma and happy groom Nick.

MuEmma and Nick got married at Orton Hall in Peterborough this summer 2015. This beautiful wedding venue served the all-inclusive purpose, starting from the ceremony throughout the wedding breakfast and the evening entertainment.

The spirit on this wedding day was very special, full of romance and love. Outfits and décor was made in vintage style, as was the “wedding cake” that was made of different cheese layers.

It was an ample opportunity to take beautiful wedding photographs at this stunning venue – Orton Hall Hotel.  As you can see, the wedding coverage has a nice blend of semi-formal and reportage style photographs full of emotions and LoVe.

Photographer in Peterborough

This image was taken when the bride was getting ready. She’s just finished with her hair and was ready to start her make-up do. Emma was a little nervous before the ceremony and I think the glass of bubbly helped her to relax a little bit.

weddings in Peterborough

I think it’s always good to see how the groom preparing himself for the ceremony. I must admit Nick was very organised but he was as nervous as Emma.

wedding photography Peterborough

Brides help Emma to complete her look. The last touch and the bride is ready for the big day.

Orton Hall Wedding photographer

A group of younger bridesmaids patiently awaiting for the bride.

weddings in Peterborough

Here comes the bride! This is a very traditional wedding photograph…the farther walks his daughter down the aisle.

Peterborough photographers

Ceremony….the time to exchange the vows…This image outlines the beauty of the interior at the Orton Hall Hotel. The Ceremony room is very bright with big windows.

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Beautiful roses’ decor on the chairs

Reportage Wedding photographer Peterborough

The bride and groom signing the registrar

Reportage photography in Peterborough

Emma and Nick have become husband and wife and they happily leaving the ceremony room. It’s the time to meet and greet all the guests.

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Snacks and refreshments are ready to be served

Wedding at Orton Hall Peterborough

The confetti shot on the red carpet! Sounds wonderful and looks amazing

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

I personally think it’s always nice to produce a blend of formal and fun group photographs.

Wedding photographerPeterborough

The groom with the best men and ushers.

Wedding photography Peterborough

Little bridesmaids’ “flowers”

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Whilst the bride and groom had their wedding breakfast, I came outside and managed to capture the bride when she least expected it. It was a lovely warm day and it was in my benefit that the window from Emma’s side was wide open 😉

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

A lovely shot of the bride swirling and twirling around the groom

wedding photography Peterborough

The bride and groom leaving the guests for a “Romantic Walk” session with me, the time for them two….

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

The groom is giving the speech

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

An intimate hug of the loved ones

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Wedding “Cheese” cake

Wedding Orton Hall Peterborough

Nick attempts to cut the cake

Orton Hall wedding Peterborough

On the dance floor

Orton Hall wedding Peterborough

A lovely band to finish off the day 😉

Doubletree Hotel Cambridge wedding

Kelly and David have a very interesting story of their wedding day, since they got married twice 🙂 Their official marriage was done at the Lake District with immediate family members. Then, Kelly and David celebrated their marriage with their family and friends at the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton in Cambridge. This hotel is located on the banks of the River Cam and it offers scenic views for the visitors.

David and Kelly arrived to the hotel by a private Punt. They looked so romantic….a happy married couple sipping Champagne in the punt at the sunset… It is a fantastic opportunity for a wedding photographer in Cambridgeshire.

The whole day was very positive, full of positive emotions and fun.  I am very pleased that I was part of this day.

David and Kelly – thank you very much for choosing Tatjana Photography to be your wedding photographer.

Lakeside Lodge Cambridgeshire wedding

Gary and Jill got married at St Mary Magdalene Church in Warboys, followed by the beautiful venue Lakeside Lodge located in Pidley,  Cambridgeshire.  It is hard to believe, but this venue was only booked a week away from their  wedding day! When Gary rang me advising of the changes I a) was shocked b) was very happy, since I knew how awesome Lakeside Lodge for the wedding coverage. You cannot go wrong here; this place is surrounded by beautiful golf fields and breath-taking landscapes with the lake in the middle of the golf club.  It is the ideal venue for a wedding photographer in Cambridgeshire.

I must praise Jill. She was not only a beautiful bride on the day. Jill made all the décor and accessories for the wedding herself from the bridal bouquet to the table décor.  I really liked the handmade Bride & Groom  dolls by the candy section.  They were very sweet ☺

The whole day was just wonderful, full of positive emotions and tears of joy.  I felt that I was part of this Big Day and I was very happy that Jill and Gary shared their day with me. Together, we have done beautiful wedding pictures at Lakeside Lodge, Pidley. We gazed at the sunset, played golf and had a short walk round the golf club to capture at least some of the beautiful spots this place offers.

Jill and Gary – thank you very much for choosing Tatjana Photography to be your wedding photographer.

How to make a self-portrait of yourself? Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough lessons

We all love to escape with the loved ones for a long romantic weekend or holiday. The camera is an essential item for almost every traveller 🙂 We love to take pictures of each other, but we then face a problem that there is no a single picture of you two..;(

What you can do? the answer is very simple:

1. you can either ask someone to take a picture of you two…or

2. Do it yourself

All you need is a tripod and a remote shutter release for your camera 😉 You don’t have to buy a professional one, you can get a cheap stuff from eBay that will be perfectly fine for travelling 😉

I posted below the top 10 of self-portrait images on the sunset. I am holding the shutter release and, as you can see, one of my hands is always hidden from the camera view :)))

If you feel that you need to take a lesson on how to take beautiful portraits, then you can get in touch with me to get a tutorial quote

Self-portrait at the sunset

This image is captured in Mauritius near Tamassa resort. It is taken at around 6 pm in the evening, when we still had a plenty of day light. To achieve a stunning sunset image, I mounted my camera on the tripod, switched the camera to the manual mode and dialled the settings to reduce the light. Then I used hotshoe flash and a remote control (which is behind my back). As a result, a beautiful self-portrait at the golden hour.

Mauritius hol 2015-627 Mauritius hol 2015-628 self-portrait on holiday Mauritius hol 2015-638 Mauritius hol 2015-639 Mauritius hol 2015-640 Mauritius hol 2015-641 Mauritius hol 2015-643 Mauritius hol 2015-650

Cambridge Product Photography

I have been recently working on the Product Photography project Subtle Whispers . This is a newly opened shop that offers a luxury giftware for loved ones. The owner of this shop is an amazing lady. We had a real fun to work on her product imagery. There are top 10 images, which I like the most. However, if you are looking for a special gift, then please visit the giftware shopping site

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St Neots product photographer
Cambridge product photographer
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photographer Peterborough
photographer Peterborough

Alison & Paul Engagement Photoshoot

Wedding and Portrait Photographer Cambridgeshire

A wonderful day with a lovely couple in Huntingdon park. Beautiful place that is full of props 😉 I hope you found this time helpful
wedding photographer Huntingdon
wedding photography Cambridge
wedding photographer Cambridge
Portrait Photographer St Ives
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Wedding photographer Peterborough

Clothing for Portraits

What to wear for the Photoshoot?

We all feel a little puzzled, when start choosing the clothes for the Portrait Photoshoot. I always touch this subject with every person that books the photo session with me. Since badly selected clothes can destroy lovely photographs.

I have outlined a few tips below that should help to make the decision when choosing what to wear:

  • Choose natural, muted tones. Natural, subdued tones will help to stand out and be dominant on the photograph
  • Choose solid colour clothes. The main purpose of the photoshoot is to photograph you, not your clothes. Unless if it is a fashion shoot, then the focal point is on the clothing rather than on the subject
  • We tend to be more critical to ourselves. For example, we don’t like our arms, legs, tummy and etc. If it applies to you, then try to choose the clothes that conceal unwanted areas
  • Choose 1-3 colours for the group shot. This way the photographs will be more balanced. There will be a subtle connection between the individuals

There are few examples below of a well-selected attire

Cambridgeshire- Huntingdon wedding photographer 26.01.15

Huntingdon Wedding Photographer. The Brampton Mill, Huntingdon.

I must say it was a very cold day, but as you could see nothing has spoiled the day of Francis and Steve.

Congratulation guys. Thank you for sharing your day with me x

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Huntingdon wedding photographer
wedding photography Huntingdon
Cambridge wedding photography
wedding photographer Huntingdon
Huntingdon wedding photographer
Wedding photographer Huntingdon
wedding photographer Huntingdon
wedding photographer Huntingdon
Huntingdon wedding photographer
Huntingdon wedding photographer
wedding photographer Huntingdon
wedding photographer Cambridge
Cambridge wedding photography

Winter weddings

Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer

Wedding out of the Wedding season?

Ceremony at St James Church, St Neots, followed by reception at the Bars Hotel, Bedford

We all get used to the idea that the best time for YOUR BIG DAY is summer. But how about all those lovely couples, who decided to get married in winter? Yes, in winter in the UK, where we don’t have trees covered in white snow and, actually, quite opposite – we expect to see cold grey days. Mmm, I can reassure you that winter weddings are as good as during the warm season.

Couple weeks ago, I have covered the wedding photography for one adorable couple from Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire. The week before the wedding, I kept checking the weather forecast, since it was very windy and wet….my main concern was – a grey rainy day. Fortunately, the weather was absolutely fantastic to create bespoke wedding photos on the day.

The wedding coverage  lasted for about 12 hours…yeah a very long day, but incredibly lovely!

We started off from the 5th Avenue in Bedford. The staff was very friendly and professional. I have added a few bridal preparation photos here, but if you wish to see more wedding images than visit my website

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  • Wedding Photography Bedford

Then, we moved on to the Barns, Bedford Hotel. This place has a lovely wedding venue, and to add to this – the bridal suite looked fantastic. I personally felt that it was a very good opportunity to stay away from the crowd and create lovely posed pictures of the bride in vintage wedding style. Also, I captured the wedding rings, flowers, as well as all the bridesmaids. Take a look at the images at the bridal suite at the Barn, Bedford

  • Wedding photography Cambridge

31.1 (4)




The ceremony was held at the St James Church, Little Paxton. The vicar, Annette Reed, is a lovely woman. I have heard good words about her before I even got a chance to meet her! Worth to take this into account 😉 The church is very bright even for the winter day.


Then, we all got back to the Barn Hotel at Bedford, where I took plenty of formal photographs, romantic shots of a new husband and wife, as well as the group shots from the bridal suite window. Look at this 🙂

5. before the breakfast-5325


5. before the breakfast-5356


5. before the breakfast-5363

5. before the breakfast-5348

6. at the Barns-2-7

As the day unfolded, the wedding coverage finished after the cutting the cake and s first dance. I felt truly honoured to photograph unforgettable moments for this lovely and friendly couple.