Clothing for Portraits

What to wear for the Photoshoot?

We all feel a little puzzled, when start choosing the clothes for the Portrait Photoshoot. I always touch this subject with every person that books the photo session with me. Since badly selected clothes can destroy lovely photographs.

I have outlined a few tips below that should help to make the decision when choosing what to wear:

  • Choose natural, muted tones. Natural, subdued tones will help to stand out and be dominant on the photograph
  • Choose solid colour clothes. The main purpose of the photoshoot is to photograph you, not your clothes. Unless if it is a fashion shoot, then the focal point is on the clothing rather than on the subject
  • We tend to be more critical to ourselves. For example, we don’t like our arms, legs, tummy and etc. If it applies to you, then try to choose the clothes that conceal unwanted areas
  • Choose 1-3 colours for the group shot. This way the photographs will be more balanced. There will be a subtle connection between the individuals

There are few examples below of a well-selected attire

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